JET SET art consulting offers bespoke services both domestically and internationally. Having developed relationships with artists and galleries through interior design projects, we are able to provide tailored and contextual museum quality artwork for projects ranging from private residences to commercial development and hospitality to healthcare facilities and beyond.
Having long represented artists and artisans around the world, along with being a located in the Brooklyn art scene, it was only natural that Jette Design is now providing full-service art consultation.
We passionately support both emerging and established Artists as part of our mission.
Our services are tailored to meet our client's specific needs, aesthetic and conceptual interests and budgetary guidelines, with a curatorial approach which cuts through fleeting trends to bring exceptional work and installations to homes, offices, commercial, residential and public spaces.
Art not only plays a pivotal role in the enrichment of life, it is an intrinsic and dynamic part of the greater whole of our design projects.Calming pieces promoting a deep sense of well being. Provocative, amusing. Cerebral. Whimsical. All modes of expression.
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Printing + Framing + Fabrication

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We have often worked with Museum Editions to merge the artistic process with the unique needs of your projects to create tailored art programs that elevate and enliven designed environments. All artwork and artists are thoughtfully selected to develop a cohesion between art and the aesthetic identity goals of our clients.